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dear easyjet

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I used to like your airline quite a lot. Back in 2010, our family flight from Madrid to London Gatwick had to come back to Madrid after going through an electric storm shortly after taking off. It was too late to reroute or offer an alternative, but early the day after all passengers who wanted to continue with their trip were provided an early flight. True, we didn’t sleep enough. The hotel where we stayed did not provide breakfast so early. But we felt easyjet was doing their best to accomodate for our needs.

I’m sorry to say that seems no longer to be the case. I’ve been flying back and forth between Madrid and Paris for over 3 years now. For the first two years, I was quite okay with the company. But when I went to do my 2015 winter bookings, the 9:30 flight Madrid-CDG had been eliminated for several months. I used facebook to ask what happened, since it was always busy. Even the ground stuff in Madrid were surprised. Useless reply.

I started using your competitors, as much as I loved booking all my flights in one go. I had a flight cancelled weeks in advance. That’s when I got the useless reply. Poor planning? Some computer algorithm decided that that flight was better cancelled to use the aircraft from Krakow to Luton, say?

In august 2016 I booked my latest batch of Madrid-CDG, CDG-Madrid. The first return was cancelled as we were entering the finger.  It was the first time I learnt I had the right to 250 euros, so that was a change for good (or so I thought). I not only requested those 250, but after spending hours at the airport and helping other passengers, going back to where I stay in Paris and taking an early flight through Orly to Madrid so that I could spend time with my kids and not 36 hours in a hotel near the airport, I claimed transport, breakfast and time and energy. Sorry, I didn’t have receipts for those.

I only got 250 and no reply to the expenses complaint. Over a month afterwards I received my cheque, issued by an American bank through The Netherlands.

Yesterday, Nov 20th, my flight was delayed. Initially a bit over 1 hour. Then to over 3 hours. I got to know the guy at the information desk. We arrived according to Paris airports at 01:30, ETA was 22:55. The initial expected departure after the delay was 23:45, but it really looked as if you were trying not to make it beyond those 3 hours. No matter what’s stated on your website about delays and cancellations  about “Right to care”. I was not given any care either at the airport or during the flight. No food or drinks were provided, no telephone calls or emails or faxes, no transport upon arrival. I shared a car with someone who was staying near me in Paris. Our flight was not re-routed, just a “technical fault”, like the cancellation in September 2016. Your expenses form asks for a question. This is not a question, it is a complaint. I have filed both.

I believe the patience, time, energy and sleep deprivation of your passengers are worth more than money, whether 250, 125 or thousands. Should I not hear from you briefly, I shall proceed legal actions agains such customer abuse.

Yours sincerely,

Angeles Rodriguez de Cara


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21 noviembre 2016 at 5:14 pm

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