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Easyjet again

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Well, I thought I may write this down in here, now I have linked to my Twitter account. A couple of weeks ago I ranted about the delay I had thanks to Easyjet, just another low cost company. As I stated there, after being quite faithful to them during my 3 years of weekly commuting between Paris and Madrid, they started losing my loyalty about a year ago. Firstly, they cut the number of flights between Madrid and Paris, so that I had to experience the joys of Transavia and in January this year, even non low cost companies like Air France or Iberia, or… Ryanair. My first flight with Transavia was delayed, but not 3 hours. They provided us with a bus to get us to a few places in Paris. Back in 2015, after having booked all my flights and receiving a cancellation, I complained via Easyjet’s facebook, receiving the most impersonal response ever.

Secondly, a flight from Paris to Madrid in September 2016 was cancelled. We were treated like rubbish. Yes, they offered an alternative. 36 hours afterwards. Reason for the cancellation: technical fault. Thanks to partners, friends and family (and Iberia), I was back “home” with my kids about 14 hours after the cancellation. Exhausted, having helped lots other people. Taking a train, bus, sleeping 4 hours, waking up, bus, train, bus, flight. I received the standard compensation: 250 euros. Whoever is interested can read what they should provide in “2. Right to care” and I can assure that nothing was provided while we waited for explanations and alternatives. I claimed at least 250 more for my time, energy and exhaustion. No answer has arrived from them.

Thirdly, two weeks ago my flight was delayed. Charles told me on the way to the gate that the delay was slightly over one hour. It turned out to be, due to technical faults again, over two hours and a half. At some point it seemed as if it was going to be over those three magical hours, when they have to reimburse 250 euros. They really seemed to hassle us (customers) so that they were under those three hours. No bus was provided after arriving after 2am at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. I shared a taxi. They said they would reimburse those 20 euros. I claimed more. One more time, no care was provided.

Last Sunday, I did what may be my last Madrid to Paris with easyjet. Perfectly on time. All was fine. The stewardess in Madrid Barajas were nice. But yet again, I felt the rush. In order to board more quickly, those on rows 15 to the end had to walk downstairs, take a bus for what could be the shortest bus route ever, and surely, walk up the steps into the plane. I had told my daughter I would call her again when I was on my seat. I couldn’t do it. Why? It took forever to shuffle customers to actually board efficiently, so after entering by the back door, I arrived to my row to find no space to place my small suitcase. A stewardess who was not very happy (I wasn’t happy either) came to make space for me. By the time I sat down, the plane had started to move.

So easyjet is cetainly not the nice low cost company of which I used to think more or less highly. Unhappy customers and unhappy staff. But surely it is providing benefits to whoever has optimised it so tightly, the guy who applies the algorithm, the guy that decides no more planes can be bought in case something goes wrong with a plane, or more staff to sort out what go wrong.


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6 diciembre 2016 at 9:36 pm

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